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Choosing the Right Hair Straightener The professional hair straighteners are defined by its technology, and most flat irons on the market are either titanium or ceramic. Titanium hair straighteners have very smooth surfaces and project a constant heat that helps to cut straightening time by more than 50%. They are also generally

Curling Iron Buying Guide Curling Iron Buying Guide - Find out how to have beautiful curls, soft and damage-free hair. Best professional curling iron, curling wand, curlers. Sure, you can use flat irons for some curling situations, like flips, spikes and waves. But when you are serious, about really curling your hair,

Hair Care News: new Promise Hair Care line from Uniqkka Promise Hair Care line from Uniqkka was featured in A NEWSLETTER FOR BEAUTY BUSINESS EXECUTIVES.Rod Hatch introduced the Promise Hair Care line from Uniqkka. Family-priced products feature Symforce Microalgae, which helps to create stronger hair, prevent hair loss and thicken hair

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